Politique de confidentialité - EliApp


This policy is here to inform you about applicable conditions on all website.

We can edit this page but we must to tell you when it change.

We must to respect all european rules. When you use one of application from EliApp, you agree this privacy policy.


We are independent, not affilated with any other industry.

We never save private and confidential data We save only data for stats (more informations here). We never interac with other applications and without authorization.

Everything must to be editable according to the power of your device (Any starting when we don't want, any working in background ...).



All applications are free and must to stay like that.

The only systems for me to getmoney are donations and publicity.

There isn't any content are paying.

We don't allow to sell something on our behalf.

We allow giveaway as long as you don't force people to pay or send confidential informations (password, blue card ...)


We aren't the owner neither responsible that you create.

We allow ourselves the law to delete your message if they don't respect basic rules (insult, menaces ...)

We aren't reponsible of your private message and we aren't Nous ne sommes pas responsable de vos messages privées, et nous ne nous autorisons pas à les lire.

Some of applications contains statistics system. These latter get informations but not confidential (no IP address of client or password). This is only what is saved (if the application) :

- Negativity : number of online players, alerts and if the server is online or not.

- EliPing : number of online players and if the server is online or not.

- EliSoundbox : amenities, update, installations and crash (basic stats from Google Play)

- EliTwitter : Your Twitter ID.


Mail : arpetzouille@gmail.com.
Twitter : Elikill58.
Discord : @Elikill58#0743.
Or here